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Oslo Airport Gardermoen has installed the Logstor/AVA SafePipe System for JET A1 distribution around on the airport.

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AVA Systems Nordic has installed TraceTek water leak detection system at many datacenters in the Oslo region of Norway.

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The TraceTek technology offers leak detection on a variety of liquids like for instance acids.

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AVA Systems Nordic offer APC (Agreement on Periodic Control). Typically the agreement is to perform a full check of a given installation every 12 months.

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Products from liquid hydrocarbons (i.e. all oil-based products such as various fuels, lubricants, etc.) By cleverly combining chemistry and electronics, the technology based on TraceTek has gotten around the fact that oil-based products in general do not conduct electricity. Conductive liquids are, however,  generally easy to detect leaks from.

Critical areas for water leaks TraceTek technology typically is installed in are: Server halls, data centers, technical rooms, buildings worthy of protection, library, art collections etc. 

Typical applications where leaks from chemicals are to be avoided are: Acid leakage from batteries, various chemicals used in the paint production plants, chemicals and  acids used in relation with pharmacy, chemicals used in solar cell production 

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AVA Systems Nordic provides world-leading technology that monitors, detects and locates leaks with an accuracy of +/- one meter from water and water-based products, oil and oil-based products such as fuels and lubricants and a variety of chemicals. Our main focus is on the simplicity and reliability of our solutions while at the same time providing modularity. We offer solutions that are designed to work in both industrial and commercial environments.

In the unique Logstor/AVA SafePipe system, dual-wall pipe technology and production technology are combined with advanced integrated leak detection where electronics and chemistry work hand in hand to accomplish the task related to accurate detection of the petroleum product in question. SafePipe achieves with its unique construction to prevent a potential leak to the environment by having the outer jacket act as a continuous environmental membrane for the pipe along its entire length.

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