Port Facilities

This picture to the right shows the entering point of the Logstor/AVA SafePipe at Dock-3 on Polarbase in Rypefjord close to the city of Hammerfest. On this specific quay the solution was to feed in the pipe underneath the quay construction. The challenge was installing the pipe while tide in the meantime goes high and low. The height difference of the maximum to minimum tide is typically a bit more than two meters.

The two pictures below are from the very first installation of the Logstor/AVA SafePipe solution done in Norway. This installation is with Colorline in Larvik and their new ferry terminal for SuperSpeed. This ferry line is connecting Larvik with Hirtshals located on the northern tip of Jylland in Denmark. The picture shows the SafePipe installed alongside the dock down to the east end where the vehicle entry bridge is located. The fast fueling arrangements for the SuperSpeed are located close to the vehicle entry bridge.