Tank Farms

In accordance with the latest requirements for construction of tankfarms, tanks containing fuel are build inside a ring wall and with a flooring having a membrane embedded in the construction. We deliver suitable sensors to detect emerging leaks within and outside the ring wall.

Often there is a rainwater collection pit inside the ring wall where we have suitable sensors for detection of oil shine on the water surface in the pit. On fuel pipes positioned on bridges above ground we have a detector cable for professional detection of liquid hydro carbon based fluids – like fuels, modified with a UV filter outer jacket for outdoor installations. These are installed at 6 o’clock underneath and in the entire lengh of the pipe to be supervised.

These cables are easy to install on existing pipes as well as on new constructions. The cable not only detect there is a leak, but it will report where exactly the leak has been measured within an accuracy of +/- one meter. Supervision taking advantage of this technology gives a 24/7/365 surveillance of the pipe.