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The whole planet is becoming more aware of the environment, how it works and the impact humans have on it.

AVA Systems trust we all can have an impact and make a difference in one way or another. We do not believe it is possible, nor necessary to ground all aircrafts or stop all use of fossil fuels in the world immediately overnight. However, what we can do is to make sure it is as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, the Logstor/AVA SafePipe pipe-in-pipe system can prevent a major fuel leak that would be devastating for the environment. Having an impact and helping the industry be safer and more environmentally friendly is something we take pride in and indeed is an extra motivation to do what we do.

Inspection of the Logstor/AVA SafePipe on quay number three on Polarbase. A leak from this pipe would go straight into the ocean. For that reason it is outmoust important to make sure everything done correctly, and that there is no damage to the outer jacket of the pipe, the environmental membrane. The pipe is supervised 24/7/365 through the integrated leak detection system. Furthermore, during high tide the entire cable is under water. For that reason, it is crucial that the installation is done properly, and that the cable is inspected on a regular basis.

Similarly, our systems for leak-detection at port facilities make sure our oceans stay clean. We have seen too many incidents where either huge ships are stranded, and tons of oil are spilled into the ocean, or pipes has damages that causes oils and fuels to leak out without anybody knowing about it. Some of these catastrophes might have been avoided by having an early warning system installed.

We deliver leak-detection systems that make sure activities that potentially could be a danger for the environment are as safe as possible. Our solutions make our customers safer at work, so they can operate as efficient as possible.

We have ambitions to be recognized as a pioneer in the industry using knowledge and combinations of new technologies to always improve and help the society in taking care of the planet as good as possible

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