Data Centers

The TraceTek TT1000 cable for water leaks was trigged due to a faulty weld in a valve installed inside the AC-unit. Thanks to the alarm trigged that included a precise location for the leak, the maintenance personnel could shut off the feed pipe for the specific AC unit and hence limit the leak to a few liters. In fact, a potential consequential damage was avoided, and the few liters found underneath the elevated floor was easily dried up with a cloth.

This is how it looks like beneath a typical elevated floor in a datacenter. Cooled water from the chillers located outdoor are sent to the AC-Units inside the datacenter. Hot air in the respective data room is converted to hot water and transported outdoor through piping network to be cooled down outside by the chillers. Several cubic meters of chilled water are circulating at all time. A relatively small non-dramatic but undetected leak that has been allowed to go on for a certain period of time undetected could easily lead to major consequential damages in a datacenter.