Airports are public hubs handling massive volumes of people. No one would like jet fuel leaks associated with such places.

That is why AVA Systems in partnership with Logstor developed the Logstor/AVA SafePipe System back in 2004-06 witch guarantees an early leak warning. This new solution provides at the same time through a dual wall construction an environmental barrier to the surroundings given a leak in the inner pipe carrying the fuel happens for whatever reason. This means a leak will not escape out into the surroundings from the pipe system, but will be kept within the environmental membrane (the outer jacket of the pipe) and be reported through the leak detection system with accurate data on where it has started. At the end of the day no pipe can guarantee 100% tightness during an unlimited frame in time. The Logstor/AVA SafePipe System, however, takes a major step forward towards such a goal.

AVA Systems at Gardermoen Airport
AVASystems checking the SafePipe installation.
SafePipe system is being installed on Gardemoen Airport.
AVASystems checking the SafePipe installation.

Solutions at Airports

Fuel Pipes

Aircrafts are powered by jet engines that are efficient sophisticated hydrocarbon-based propulsion. The world is looking for alternative propulsion methods like for instance electric based systems and others. This replacement of propulsion method is, however, not straightforward and will not happen overnight. In the meantime, the best we can do, is to minimize the potential risks conventional oil products including JET fuel represents for the environment. One major risk is unintended and unknown leaks that has not been discovered. We are proud to contribute in this respect with the invention of the Logstor/AVA SafePipe System.