Airports are public travel hubs that handle large volumes of people. Leaks from jet fuel or other dangerous chemicals that are a threat to safety, operations or the environment have a high priority, and must be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, AVA Systems in collaboration with Kingspan/Logstor back in 2004-2010 developed the Logstor/AVA SafePipe System, which enables leak notification at a very early stage and before the leak causes risks related to operation, safety and damage. This new solution, through its double wall construction, provides an environmental barrier against the surroundings given a leak from the media pipe which is placed in the center of the construction. This means that a leak will not escape into the environment from the SafePipe system, but is kept within the environmental membrane (the outer jacket of the pipe) and is reported in the form of an alarm to central operational monitoring via the leak detection system, including data on where the leak has started. No pipe can guarantee 100% tightness indefinitely. However, the Logstor/AVA SafePipe system takes a big step forward towards such a goal.

AVA Systems at Gardermoen Airport
AVASystems checking the SafePipe installation.
SafePipe system is being installed on Gardemoen Airport.
AVASystems checking the SafePipe installation.

Solutions at Airports

Fuel Pipes, pipe transport of JET A1

Aircraft are powered by jet engines which are efficient sophisticated hydrocarbon based propulsion systems. The world is looking for alternative methods of propulsion such as electric systems and others. However, this replacement of the propulsion method is not easy and will not happen overnight. In the meantime, the best we can do is to minimize the potential risk that conventional oil products including JET fuel pose to safety and the environment. A major risk is accidental and unknown leaks that may persist over time without being detected. We are proud to contribute in this connection with the invention of the Logstor/AVA SafePipe System.