Acid Detection

Leak Detection Chemicals

Typical application: monitoring for potential leaks from chemicals during the production or use of paint, liquid corrosion protection products, batteries, solar cells, medical products, pharmaceutical products etc.

Function and detection method for acids and other electrically conductive chemicals are the same as for water. The difference is that the sensor cable itself is built from a more robust polymer material that can withstand a much higher degree of aggression from the liquids it may be exposed to before it dissolves. In addition, the connectors (connectors) are made of stainless steel instead of the plastic used by the pre-wired and less expensive sensor cables used for water leak detection.



This photo is from a production site for wafers used in modern solar panels. The problem to be solved was the monitoring of a pipe containing several hoses that drain out aggressive and dangerous to humans chemicals from an internal laboratory to an external container storage. The solution we did was to install a suitable leak detection cable for the actual chemicals that are transported in the plastic hoses inside the protective outer jacket. In the event of a leak, an alarm will be given and the location of the leak reported to the BMS system for the production site. The black corrugated pipe that goes into the drain contains the signal cable that connects the sensor cable to the instrumentation cabinet.