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The company AVA Systems AS was founded back in May 2004 by Sverre Holte. He is still owning the company 100%, and is the CEO as well.

AVA SYSTEMS today is a mature specialised company working with reliable leak detection technology proven to work throughout years of continuous failure free operation. In the product “SafePipe” AVA SYSTEMS has combined this knowledge with Logstor’s expertice and world class quality in dual wall pipe production. The LOGSTOR/AVA SAFEPIPE is a unique design of a dual wall pre-pipe with integrated leak detection and location, all combined in one product.

AVA Systems is today a professional player in the Nordic marketplace for sensor technology related to leak detection of liquids. The major technology used for leak detection is based on the TraceTek technology, that originally was developed by Raychem in the early 80’ties and today manufactured and owned by nVent.

The first years after the company was founded its primary focus was on leak detection related to datacenters and server rooms. AVA Systems early developed a strong professional relationship with the Danish based company Logstor. This collaboration lead to an industrial new standard in how intelligence might be implemented into a pipe construction. The concept ‘’SafePipe’’ was born.

The installations AVA Systems has delivered and installed at Oslo Airport Gardermoen is based on the above mentioned solution concept ‘’SafePipe’’. The technology allows sections consisting of two to three 12m length of pipe to be pre-fabricated on the ground beside the trench and lowered down by a synchronized machine lift into the trench for permanent positioning and installation of the complete fuel pipe for JET A1.

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